UBER has changed the way people and things move and it is the fastest growing startup to date. The most recent funding raised by Uber valued the company at $68.5 billion USD!

Uber is in over 60 countries and 400 cities worldwide and is still growing!

UBER receives thousands of applications for various positions each month. These applicants are smart people, ranging from management consultants to investment bankers. We are a team of management consultants and investment bankers, and are successful uber applicants. To be successful you need to standout and WE WILL HELP YOU DO THAT!

UBER Recruiting Process

Uber's hiring process is getting more and more selective. Over the past few months they have made changes to their hiring process making it more difficult than before. The 2 hours analytical test is the biggest challenge as selected applicants have to score at least 80%.

Prepare for UBER Test

As former managment consultants and investment bankers, we are successful uber applicants and have landed job offers with the company. We will help you ace the Uber analytical test and provide you with training on the types of interview questions that will be asked.

One-on-One 30 minutes Video Session To Prepare for UBER Interview

We will provide you not only with the material you need to ace the test, but also a free 30 minutes video session via skype to prepare you for the interview questions! This session is optional.


1) History of the company - facts, figures etc.

2) Knowledge about the App and it's features - explanation of key terms.

3) Help with questions related to supply and demand.

4) The recruitment process - how does it work and beyond.

5) Ace the Uber Test! - A comprehensive guide on how to maximise your chances to SUCCEED in the 2 hours analytical test. We will provide you with questions to practice! Focus will be to develop your skills to become successful.

6) Extra questions asked during either the 2 hours analytics test or the expedited version of the test. Key concepts covered : probability, opposite events, business modeling etc.

7) An optional free 30 minutes video session via skype to prepare you for the interview


Purchase the Guide


Download our comprehensive and the recently updated guide (as of 2018) for only $29.99 (which is at a 30% discount)!! We have successfully helped hundreds of applicants to date. Purchase now to avail the 30% discount and buy the guide for only $29.99! Refund guaranteed if you are not satisfied*. Our success rate is 99%!!

What you will get in the pacakge:

- Full Interview guide along with a free 30 minutes video session (which is optional)

- 2 csv files

- Set of 32 analytical questions with detailed solutions.

- Sample creative test

- Many Excel tips provided by managment consultants and investment bankers to save some precious time during the real test

- Extra questions plus extra help and insight based on customers feedback. We will go the EXTRA MILE to ensrue you are well-prepared!

Payment Options: PayPal or Stripe. All modes of payments are 100% secure as our payments are handled by Stripe and Paypal. The complete package and the guide will be emailed after checkout.


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